Get CryptoCarbon Coins 1.22 CCRB Worth 1.17 USD For Free


Good news ahead of ICO CryptoCarbon (CCRB) on January 27, 2018, you have the opportunity to get a free CCRB coin of 1.22 CRP or $ 1.17 (At the current rate of 14 January 2018 1 CCRB = $ 0.96).

CryptoCarbon (CCRB) is a new cryptocurrency supported and developed by CRYPTOCARBON GLOBAL LTD. CryptoCrabon is currently accepted in many business products and services sold by UK-based companies by BEE-ONE UK LTD.


CryptoCarbon CCRB Price, source: CoinMarketCap

BeeOne offers an online marketplace and customer loyalty platform that provides a unique opportunity for customers to access different product comparison websites. As a result, customers can save money on utilities, travel, insurance, shopping, international calls, etc. The platform also offers online cashback, discount, and current CryptoCarbon (CCRB) features for online shopping, at thousands of participating UK outlets including leading national, local, and brand retailers.

In addition, the card related loyalty program helps customers to convert credit and debit cards into loyalty cards so that customers can earn cashback and also CryptoCarbon. Specifically, with BeeOne there is a possibility all can be done from one platform.

What is CryptoCarbon (CCRB)?

While many crypto currencies are created based on the award of mining activities, CryptoCarbon is included in the Bitcoin 2.0 project class (token). It was built using Ethereum technology. This is based on cash back and commissions, which means that its value is created without any financial investment. CCRB developers strive to offer maximum comfort, maximum security, and no red tape. Anyone can review currency contracts through an independent blockchain explorer like Etherscan.

Due to the developer’s commitment to creating a large number of services to be served by CCRB, the team believes that the actual capitalization of the entire system will be much greater. Thus, people who have confidence in the success of the Project are actually part of the team as founders, due to the accumulation of CCRB on their personal accounts by performing various activities on an interlocked platform that includes cashback. shopping, affiliate marketing and social media activities using their social connections. Beelive’s social media platform is already connected and accepts CrypoCarbon.

Ecosystems and Communities

The CryptoCarbon team is in the process of developing a portfolio of products and services that target the global marketplace where CCRB will be used as a token. The first product / platform launched was a loyalty platform with cashback from leading retailers. Each user can get CCRB for shopping, referrals, and marketing, as well as other social activities through the social platform. The number of CCRB received by users is very much in line with the number of user-initiated promotional activities. CCRB units can be transferred between users, exchanged for BTC / fiat via an existing third-party exchange, or spent on premium features and services that you want to offer from time to time. Developers also develop a platform where Customers can advertise and sell everyone’s goods and services to get CCRB. CCRBdevelopers have an ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion users in an ecosystem that provides unique products and services.

Getting Free CryptoCarbon

Click here to register for CryptoCarbon (CCRB) and get 1.22 CCRB for free immediately.


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