How To Use Minergate Cloud Mining With Video Tutorial

How To Use Minergate Cloud Mining With Video Tutorial

This time We’ll discuss topics about how to mining bitcoin in MinerGate Cloud Mining. As one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today bitcoin is very much demand. Especially for those who like to make transactions to make buying and selling online. To get bitcoin is not easy, although many ways that can be used to get bitcoin for free, but still it takes no time to get it. One of the most widely used ways to get bitcoin quickly is by bitcoin mining (bitcoin mining).

How to Mine Bitcoins For Free

Article: How To Use Minergate Cloud Mining With Video Tutorial

MinerGate is a mining pool created by means of a collection of cryptocoin lovers. It’s far the first pool which offers service for merged mining. this means that even as mining on our pool you may mine unique coins simultaniously with out lower of hashrate for predominant coin

Minergate application size is also not large, the raw file size around 10mb. This application also has a complex menu, simple, and easy to use. In addition there are also features Merged Mining where you can Mining up to 8 Cryptocurrency simultaneously (if you have 8 Core Prosessor).

In order Mining performance in Minergate maximum, Minergate offers 2 Mining version of CPU Mining and GPU Mining. Both versions use different hardware as well, CPU Mining uses your Processor and GPU Mining using your VGA. I think higher Hash is gained if using GPU Mining, but the GPU Mining function only supports one VGA vendor (AMD Radeon update can also) that is NVIDIA Geforce and only VGA Geforce in 2012 upwards (eg GPU Laptop I Geforce GT650M or Geforce GTX700,900 Series) that can run this feature.

So this time I will share and recommend one of the best and trustworthy cloud mining service provider that has been present long enough and has been trusted by its users Minergate Cloud Mining.

The advantages of Minergate in my opinion:

  • Using the account so the management process is easy
  • Support all types of processors
  • Simple and easy to use
  • GUI-based
  • Can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms
  • Safe from Hackers
  • Merged Mining (Can Mining up to 8 Cryptocurrency)

Disadvantages of Minergate:

  • No Intel HD GPU Support
  • Performance Mining is not perfect, there are still many untapped Hardware Resource

In this video you will be given information about How To Use Minergate Cloud Mining with a duration over than 100 minutes

This is a long technical how to use minergate video that explains everything about the website and the client gui miner, recommended for new miners, starting enthusiasts and experienced miners alike. Watch this if you want to know more about minergate and how to mine cryptocurrency. This isn’t a short fast video this is a 2 hour technical marathon explanation guide covering minergate from a to z so get yourself comfortable with a good cup of coffee and let it all soak in.


Hopefully there are benefits for beginners who want to join in MinerGate Cloud Mining. We expect this content to be useful to you, and don’t forget to read our other interesting content on Our Website.

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